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Prepare to get your license, dismiss points received from a traffic ticket, 

meet the requirements of court-mandated drug and alcohol education 

and avoid insurance premium increases with Driver Improvements.

Our online courses fit your schedule - anytime, anyplace with a PC or

Apple computer or mobile device/tablet.  

Log on and off at your convenience and complete the selected course 

at your own pace. Certificates of completion processed immediately

and sent to the court on your behalf.  

All inclusive pricing without any hidden charges - the price you see

is the price you pay.  We offer the easiest, most convenient courses and

lowest prices - see our price comparisons on each course!

We are dedicated to providing unsurpassed customer support, in English

and in Spanish. Call us 7 days a week, from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Pacific time.

This course satisfies court-

ordered driver improvement for

first-time offenders of Nevada's

DUI and traffic laws. Includes a

Victim Impact Panel free of

charge. Certificates of Completion

sent directly to the court to verify

course has been taken according

to the time set-forth by the state.

The least expensive DUI online

course available, this course is

available in English and in

Spanish. DMV Licensed.

Baby Boomers are becoming

the mature drivers on America's

roads - a number projected to

increase to nearly 40 million

by 2025.  Learn how drivers

age 55 and older can save money

on their auto insurance simply

by completing our mature

driver course, which can help

you learn new techniques and

brush you up on the current

rules of the road.

DUI and Court-Mandated

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Driver Education, Drug/Alcohol 

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With Driver Improvements

El mejor curso DUI en línea - totalmente en españolo en

inglés !

El curso de 8 horas está

aprobado por el Departamento DMV y aceptado por todas las cortes tribunales de tráfico.

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Mature Driver

Online traffic courses for driver improvement, drug and alcohol

education, court-mandated traffic courses and DUI requirements

offer convenience and ease, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

DUI and Court-Mandated

​Courses, Victim Impact Panel

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Driver Improvements at Twitter
Driver Improvements at Twitter

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Take your online driver improvement course with us - to save time and money, with peace of mind.

Unsurpassed Customer Service

Use your desktop or laptop, tablet,

or smart phone to login and logout

of the platform whenever you need

to and it is convenient for you.

Our friendly service reps will help you

select the course you need, answer any

questions you have and make sure your documentation gets processed quickly.

In English or Spanish.

DUI / DWI / OWI   *  TLSAE   *   TCAC   *   DDS Defensive Driving and Aggressive Driver

A Victim Impact Panel (VIP) is a

mechanism for victims/witnesses

to describe the experiences they

or loved ones have endured due

to the actions of drunken drivers.
A victim impact panel consists of

testimonials from people who

were injured, or had a loved one injured or killed in a crash caused

by an impaired driver. DUI offenders are required to take the

VIP as part of their court


Our courses come in English, in Spanish,

and in the industry's only bilingual format 

with both languages side-by-side for a better understanding of the content by non-English


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