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9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. Pacific Time,  7 days a week

Once a user account is established, the person taking the course can log in

and log out at anytime, for example if they want to a break. The next time

they log in, they are returned to the point where they left.  Users can even

switch between using a computer and using a mobile device - everything

is tracked on the portal hosting the course. 

Each course is divided into easy to follow sections.  There is a text version

as well as a powerpoint slide presentation version filled with pictures,

illustrations and video links. After reading through the sections, there will

be a quiz that reviews the material and prepares the user for the final exam.  

The computer grades the exam and users know immediately if they have

passed with the minimum 70% or more correct answers.  The final test can

be retaken immediately at no additional charge until you pass.

Our friendly service reps will help you select the course you need,

answer any questions you have and make sure your documentation

gets processed quickly. We are here to help by providing excellent

customer services in English or in Spanish!  Call us 7 days a week,

from 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. Pacific.  Outside these hours, you can leave

us a message or send us an email to

and we will respond quickly.

Certificate of Completion

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The online courses offered by Driver Improvements are designed for users

to work at their own pace using the device that suits them best, be it a desktop,

laptop, PC or Mac, a smart phone, Android phone or tablet.  Most courses are

timed to meet state and court requirements, and must be completed within

30 days of registration. It is the user's responsibility to abide by the deadlines

stipulated by the courts and to ascertain the course meets court requirements.


Courses are purchased through the sales portal.  

Once payment is made, users will receive an email with instructions on

accessing our virtual classrooms.There is nothing to download and no

special equipment required - everything is done through a browser.  

Users will create an account, where they will choose their own username

and password to gain immediate access to the course. If the course is

taken to fulfill a court requirement, the user will make note of any details

their Certificate of Completion must contain, such as the ticket or docket

number, driver's license number, etc.  

Course Registration and Purchase

DUI and Court-Mandated

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Transparency in Pricing

The price noted on each course is the total amount paid - there are

never any hidden costs - no added fees, no certificate processing, etc.  

We are committed to offering high quality coursework for the best

price. The only additional costs would be the expedited delivery

fees via if the user needs the certificate delivered by courier. We have

given a price comparison with other similar courses so users can see

the costs savings when purchasing a course from Driver Improvements.

Taking the Course

When the course is successfully completed, the user can immediately

download and print the Certificate of Completion. Additionally, we send 

a copy of every certificate to the court identified during registration, and

a copy to the attorney of record if noted. These certificates are processed

every evening, Monday through Friday, and sent First Class mail through

the U.S. postal system First Class mail. If there is urgency that the certificate

be received at the court to meet a deadline, a rush fee can be paid for

delivery via UPS or Fed Ex.  We encourage users to complete the final

exam within 4-5 business days prior to the court due date to have enough

time to deliver the certificate to the Court. 

DUI and Court-Mandated

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