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DUI and Court-Mandated

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Quick and easy registration processes to ensure your clients get the

best service available. Online courses provide an easy and convenient

way to complete the material that will allow them to get behind the

wheel, available 24/7 from multiple devices. 

Unsurpassed Customer Service, in Spanish and English, to help answer

any questions that your clients have.

The highest payout in the industry to give you the most reward for referrals.

CRM automatic tracking of sales with monthly payout statements sent directly

to an affiliate's accounting department.

Our bilingual format (English and Spanish) is unique in the industry,

side-by-side for complete understanding of the material being presented. 

Content in Spanish makes learning easier for non-English speakers to complete

the course.

DUI and Court-Mandated

​Courses in Spanish

 Driver Improvements has developed a series of courses for all audiences

required to take traffic school, defensive driving and aggressive driving

courses, drug and alcohol education courses, and courses that improve

driving capabilities.  Our unique brand of instruction is geared toward

presenting content as required by regulatory agencies such as the DMV 

and the traffic courts in easy-to-follow formats designed by experienced

and certified traffic instructors.  Our specialty is to provide this information

in three formats:  in English, in Spanish, and in a bilingual English/Spanish

format with the two languages side-by-side. This offers non-English

speaking users the benefit of fully understanding mandated content that

will enable them to become better drivers.

How the Driver Improvements Affiliate Program Works

Affiliates earn real income by simply marketing our  online courses to their existing

customer base. This can be accomplished by either sending a customized link for a

current website for visitors to purchase a course or by creating a unique website for an

affiliate to help promote the service, at no extra charge.

Our Affiliate Program for schools, school districts and higher education institutions is a game-changer in fundraising.

By becoming a Driver Improvements Affiliate, it is easy to generate extra money for education programs. Students

sign up for a course entering the school's identification code, and the school receives a rebate on all money generated

through student purchase of the courses. Real transparency of affiliate accounting in real time, with rebates electronically

deposited bi-monthly into the school's bank account.


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Driver Education, Drug/Alcohol 

​Courses Designed for Teens

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Our affiliate program for referrals is backed

by our internally developed, completely

automated tracking software to track referrals

for the best possible reliability. When a

visitor follows your affiliate link to our site,

our system recognizes your unique identifier,

so that when the visitor pays for the product,

the system automatically credits your account

with commission. All referrals are tracked in


Driver Improvements at Twitter
Driver Improvements at Twitter

We partner with our affiliates to help them generate more revenue by offering their customers courses designed

and developed to fit state-mandated guidelines.

Our most popular courses offered to school districts, parochial and other private schools, and institutions of higher

education include TLSAE/DATA - the drug and alcohol course, Driver Education, and BDI - basic driver improvements,.  

Benefits of Driver Improvements Courses:

(775) 357-0026 Northern Nevada

(702) 640-8058 Southern Nevada

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Driver Improvements at Twitter

Customized websites that communicate

your brand and reputation to your clients.

Great option for school districts and other

education  systems that offer online courses.

Choose your layout, select colors and

images, and add the text that will have

students lined up to take traffic courses. 

DUI / DWI / OWI   *  TLSAE   *   TCAC   *   DDS Defensive Driving and Aggressive Driver

E-learning is changing the

way education

is being delivered -

online, 24/7 and

convenient to

the end user.

Share the Road with Everyone.....

Customer Service in English or Spanish

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